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8mm & Super 8mm Film

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I offer customers the highest quality transfer of silent 8mm and Super 8mm film while keeping it simple for both you and us with simple pricing.  Unlike most other transfer services, I charge by the reel** not by the foot or splice or by any other complicated method. I do, however, use state of the art, true speed, film telecine equipment to record your film. This equipment scans each frame of film, one by one, in real time. This method virtually eliminates the "flicker" when viewed on a television of any type that often exists when film is transferred by other methods. Not only is each frame of film captured, the scan of each frame is of the highest quality. The end result is exactly what you want to see; the transfer you view on your television or computer is exactly what is on your 8mm film movie.

All transfers come with chapter breaks between each reel.  If a reel is over 10 minutes long, we also add additional breaks every 10 minutes. I offer three options for packaging/presentation.  You can choose to receive your dvd in a protective plastic sleeve/envelope (no case) or in a dvd clam shell case.  You can upgrade the dvd clam shell case by adding chapter break photos to the back of the case. 

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8mm & Super 8mm Film Pricing

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1st Reel $20  


Additional Reels $15

* standard shipping and handling charges apply


Packaging Options


Sleeve Only Included

Your dvd will be in a placed in a protective plastic or paper sleeve/envelope.

Title DVD Case $5

Your dvd will be in a dvd clam shell case.  The front cover and side spine will contain the title you supply.

Picture DVD Case $10

Your dvd will be in a dvd clam shell case. The front cover and side spine will contain the title you supply. In addition, photos from each chapter break will be printed on the back cover and, if needed due to a large number of chapters, on the front cover.


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** This includes reels up to 7 inches in size, adding white film leader and up to three splices in the film.


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